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It is important to keep your pool clean all year round. Pool cleaners are important no matter what kind of swimming pool you have installed. Cleaning your pool yourself can be frustrating and time consuming. Let the right pool cleaner do the work for you. Red Baron has a huge range of pool cleaners for all pool types.

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A good quality Salt Chlorinator is essential to keep your salt pool crystal clear. Salt water chlorinators are the proven way to destroy bacteria, viruses and algae in a pool. An ineffective salt chlorinator can allow your pool to become murky and unsafe for swimming. Make sure you have a quality Salt Chlorinator.

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Pool pumps help circulate the pool cleaner to keep your pool water clean. Without a quality pool pump your filtering system can effect your pool hygiene. Make sure you have the right pump for the size of your pool and number of gallons it must pull through the filtering system each hour.

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