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One of the major differences that sets BioGuard® pool chemicals apart from most of its competitors is its research and development into value-added technologies. The following products are designed to further enhance the swimming experience by:
• Improving swimmer comfort.
• Reducing skin and eye irritation.
• Improving water clarity.
• Enhancing performance of products like sanitisers and oxidisers.
• Helping to prevent the growth of algae.
These benefits improve the swimming experience.


BioGuard Polysheen Plus 1L - Pool ChemicalsBioGuard BioGuard Polysheen Plus 1L - Pool Chemicals

Polysheen Plus is a highly concentrated product that makes water crystal clear. Polysheen Plus does not require any dilution, is safe for all pool types and filter types and does not effect the pH. It combines small particles into larger ones, making . . . more about BioGuard Polysheen Plus 1L - Pool Chemicals

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$29.94 (AUD)

BioGuard Super Clear Clarifying Tabs 6 x 60gBioGuard BioGuard Super Clear Clarifying Tabs 6 x 60g

Super Clear Tabs are 60-gram tablets containing the proprietary clarifier Poly A 2000®. This aids in the removal of both organic and inorganic wastes by gathering together particles that can cause dull and cloudy water. The resulting aggregates a . . . more about BioGuard Super Clear Clarifying Tabs 6 x 60g

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WAS $25.20 (AUD)
NOW $21.60 (AUD)

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