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Pool Filters - Sand Filters

Monarch EcoPure Swimming Pool Sand Filter

Monarch EcoPure Swimming Pool Sand Filter (MPE21MK11)

EcoPure Fibre Glass Media Filters
The convenient solution for clean, filtered pool water that provides more time for you to enjoy your pool and less time maintaining it.

Features & Benefits

Virtually maintenance free. Simple Backwash to clean filter media
Constructed from strong corrosion and U.V. resistant polyester reinforced fibre glass, providing long and reliable working life.
6-way multiport valve for easy backwash and filter control at the flick of a handle.
Computer designed providing optimal tank strength and filtration performance.
Built-in waste port sight glass for high visibility during backwashing.
Large diameter tank for maximum filtration area.
More media capacity providing less frequent backwashing to save water.
Specially designed laterals and hub assembly to optimise water flow for superior backwashing - producing cleaner sand and clearer water.
Accurate Stainless steel oil filled pressure gauge makes it easy to see when backwashing is required.
Automatic air bleed prevents the build up of air in the tank ensuring effective filtration.
A.B.S. barrel unions supplied makes installation simple.
High rate design for maximum efficiency, suitable for sand, Zelbrite and silica media.
Suitable for both salt and fresh water pool systems

Warranty: 5 years on tank, 1 year on multiport valve.


PS194-1 EcoPure Media Product Brochure (603 Kb)
PS194-1 EcoPure Media Product Brochure (603 Kb)

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WAS $945.12 NOW $519.60 (AUD)



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